The simple trick to removing stubborn black stains from your iron

Jul 02, 2020
An Aussie mum has shared her easy solution to removing black stains from your iron. Source: Facebook/ Mums Who Cook, Clean and Organise

Have you ever picked up your iron only to find it’s marked with a gross black stain? Sadly over time most irons get scorched and you’ll know when this occurs, because not only does it create a dark mark on the iron, but it gives off a horrendous burned fabric smell when you begin to iron your clothes.

It’s an issue which most people face at some point in their lives, and for some it means throwing out the iron all together for fear they’ll damage their clothes. But, now one mum has come to the rescue and revealed how to remove the stain with just a couple of ingredients – Panadol and vinegar.

The handy tip was posted to Facebook group ‘Mum’s Who Cook, Clean and Organise’ recently, after another mum questioned how to remove the stubborn stain. Posting a photo of her stained iron to the group she wrote: “Remind me how to clean this off, do you just wipe it with vinegar? While it’s still warm?  Thanks!”

It wasn’t long before the advice started to roll in, with the main suggestion to use tweezers and rub Panadol tablets onto the stain while the iron is still hot. And thankfully, it worked!

“It worked, amazing!” the mum updated fellow group members. “How does someone come up with this? Have added video and after pics. I used two Panamax, then wiped off with damp cloth, then did a final wipe with vinegar and scrubbing brush to get into the holes. Hubby will be impressed (he irons his own work shirts each morning) thanks ladies.”

Meanwhile, fellow mums were also impressed by the genius cleaning hack, with many saying it wiped away the stain with ease, while others said they were eager to try it out.

“It works – kicking myself I didn’t take a before and after shot!” one person wrote on the Facebook post. “I used a few tablets. It was bad! It sorts of melts the tablet on the iron plate. It does smoke a bit too.”

While another commented: “Definitely trying this! I used salt last time.” And a third said: “Wow, going to try this.”

The genius cleaning tip comes after another mum revealed the perfect and easy way to remove the layer of gunk and grime that builds up on the shower screen. It’s no denying, it can be one of the most impossible tasks to tackle around the house. And often, not even a cocktail of cleaning products and a whole lot of scrubbing will even make a dent in lifting and removing set-in shower residue.

But thankfully, one Melbourne mum has found the solution – and it involves no harsh scrubbing or chemicals! In fact, the small tool is sold at Bunnings for the low price of just $1.99.

Source: Facebook/ Mums Who Clean.

Amanda from Melbourne posted in the popular ‘Mums Who Clean’ Facebook group and shared her success in using a window scraper to actually scrape the shower scum off the glass screen. Not only does it leave your shower sparkling clean, but she also assured fellow mums that it wouldn’t leave any scratches on the glass.

“Since a lot of you ask about help to clean a shower! I thought I’d share a tool I found at Bunnings in the cleaning section!” the post read. “I use no cleaning products with this and it’s super easy to use! And no, it doesn’t scratch the glass”.

Have you ever tried this method? How do you remove black stains from your iron?

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