Pets hassling you in self-isolation? These DIY toys will keep them entertained

Apr 19, 2020
These DIY toys will keep your pets entertained in self-isolation. Source: Getty

Staying home with your pet in self-isolation may sound like the perfect break, but after some time under the one roof they could start to test your patience – especially if you’re trying to get some jobs done around the home, or work remotely.

While you could go out and buy a bunch of new toys for yours pets, if you’re feeling creative, why not make something yourself? The RSPCA has shared some of its DIY pet toys to make during isolation – and they won’t cost you a bucket load or take you too long to create.

Cat wand

Like humans, cats need daily exercise and interaction with others to keep them healthy and happy. In fact, according to the RSPCA, you should spend at least 30 minutes playing with your cat each day.

Unlike dogs, they won’t necessarily enjoy being walked on a lead outside, so instead the RSPCA has recommended creating a cat wand to play with. All you’ll need is some string or twine, feathers, a packet of silver jingle bells and wooden dowel rods.

Make this cat toy using some feathers, wooden rods and bells. Source: RSPCA

First, choose three or four different sized feathers and bunch them together. Then, grab two bells and thread them onto the end of a long piece of twine and knot it around the quills of the feathers.

Next, place glue on the outside of the quill stems and wind another piece of twine around and up the shafts. Leave about 40cm of twine at the end of the stems to give you enough space to stick and wind some around the dowel. Wrap the twine around the dowel and tie it tightly at the end. And it’s done!

Crinkly bottle toy

Most dogs love having their humans around and will stick to you like glue throughout the day, wanting to play and be hugged every minute. That’s where toys are helpful – and the RSPCA has the perfect one to keep them entertained and tire them out quickly.

The crinkly bottle toy only requires a plastic water bottle, an old t-shirt and if you have some fabric scissors on hand they may also be helpful in putting it together.

All you need is an old t-shirt and a water bottle. Source: RSPCA

First grab the t-shirt and wrap it firmly around the water bottle and tie into a big knot at the end, making sure the bottle is covered completely. Then, cut a strand of three to plait together – this will be something your dog can grab onto during play time. It’s as easy as that!

Do you have any pets? How are you keeping them entertained at home in self-isolation?

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