Bid farewell to stubborn oven stains with this ‘brilliant’ cleaning hack, no harsh chemicals required

Jan 16, 2024
The response from the cleaning community was swift, with users taking to social media to express their gratitude and admiration. Source: Getty Images.

In a surprising breakthrough, cleaning guru Kacie Stephens from Melbourne is letting us in on her secret for tackling tough oven stains – and it doesn’t require harsh chemicals.

Brace yourselves, because the unsung hero in this domestic saga is none other than a common pumice stone, typically associated with smoothing calloused feet.

With the finesse of a seasoned pro, Stephens showcased the power of her cleaning hack by effortlessly scrubbing away layers of grime from the bottom of a neglected oven.

“This is a professional cleaner’s tip for removing the build-up on the bottom of your oven,” she said in a video posted to social media.

“A pumice stone or stick is a must have for your cleaning kit whether you’re a professional cleaner or someone cleaning your own home.”

However, the brilliance doesn’t end there. According to Stephens, this unassuming stone isn’t limited to oven duties alone.

“The stone will scrape off build-up in your oven and the limescale on the bottom of a toilet bowl,” she said.

“The alternative to this is a razor blade but this is a much more entry level method… Get yourself one.”

The response from the cleaning community was swift, with users taking to social media to express their gratitude and admiration. “Thank you, you’re amazing,” gushed one user, while another simply declared, “Brilliant!”

While harnessing the power of a pumice stone seems to work wonders, remember to use the stone when it’s wet to ensure a scratch-free cleaning experience.

Caution is key – steer clear of using this non-toxic wonder on glass and stainless steel. The pumice stone’s abrasiveness, while excellent for certain surfaces, can leave scratches on these materials. Stick to its wet application for porcelain and ceramic surfaces, and you’ll have a cleaning ally that keeps things sparkling without a trace of damage.

Stephens’ trick for doing away with oven grime is not the only hack wowing the cleaning community, another simple yet remarkably effective oven cleaning hack recently took the internet by storm with its astonishing results.

In a video shared to TikTok, content creator Yagmur ingeniously employs a sliced lemon and a bowl of water to tackle the stubborn grime within an oven.

The process begins with Yagmur placing a sliced lemon into a generous bowl of water. With the oven switched on, she carefully positions the bowl inside the grimy appliance, allowing the lemon-infused water to work its magic.

After a mere 20 minutes, Yagmur removes the bowl from the oven and proceeds to transform the lemon water into a powerful cleaning agent. Utilising a microfiber cloth soaked in the lemon water, she delicately wipes down the oven’s surfaces.

Remarkably, the results are instantaneous. The grime on both the oven door and interior effortlessly lifts away, with the microfiber cloth effectively collecting the remnants of old grease.

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“This just saved my life,” Yagmur wrote alongside the video.

“Natural oven cleaning hack. I will also clean my airfryer & microwave with this way.”

Please note: It is essential to exercise caution when attempting any cleaning method involving electrical appliances. Always ensure the oven is switched off and follow proper safety protocols to minimise any risks.

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