The ‘quick and simple’ trick for restoring scratched and scuffed crockery to its former glory

May 20, 2024
Say goodbye to marks, scuffs, and stains with this quick and simple cleaning hack using a common kitchen staple. Source: Getty Images.

In a world filled with clever hacks, professional organiser Anita Birges has unveiled a quick and simple solution to restore scratched and scuffed crockery to its former glory.

The secret ingredient? Baking soda, or as Birges calls it, “the quickest and best kitchen cleaning hack” she knows.

“It’s the secret to removing metal marks, scuffs, and stains from your crockery,” Birges exclaimed, sharing her expertise on how to bring your bowls, plates, and mugs back to life.

The magic trio for this kitchen resurrection includes nothing more than everyday items:

  • Bi-Carb Soda (Baking Soda)
  • A Microfibre Cloth
  • Water from your tap

Explaining the process, Birges said, “Dampen your cloth with water and dip into some bicarbonate soda so the soda sticks to the cloth. Give your crockery a good scrub, rinse off with water and leave to dry,” Birges explained.

“It really is that quick and simple!”

But that’s not all, Birges sweetened the deal by offering an “extra tip” to her followers.

“This cleaning hack also works a treat for cleaning out stains in your reusable coffee cups and travel mugs,” she revealed.

The hack quickly gained attention and approval from Birges’ followers.

“Great tip! Thanks for sharing,” one wrote.

“Omg, that’s brilliant. I’ll have to do this when I get back from my trip.”

“Wow!” commented another.

“Excited to try!”

Baking soda, or bi-carb soda, proves to be a powerhouse when it comes to cleaning around the home.

Its versatility extends beyond revitalising crockery, as it is renowned for its gentle yet effective abrasive properties.

Birges’ kitchen cleaning hack is just one example of the myriad ways bi-carb soda can be enlisted in your cleaning arsenal. This household staple excels in deodorising, scouring surfaces, and even tackling stubborn stains.

From freshening up carpets to unclogging drains, bi-carb soda is a true multitasker that effortlessly elevates your cleaning routine.

So, whether you’re battling odours, polishing surfaces, or simply seeking a natural and budget-friendly solution, bi-carb soda is the unsung hero that can make your entire home sparkle with newfound brilliance.

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