7 ingenious bicarb soda cleaning recipes to make your home sparkle

As we approach the holiday season, these DIY cleaning solutions with bicarb soda not only save you money but also ensure a healthier home for festive gatherings. Source: Getty Images.

The festive season is fast approaching, and as we eagerly anticipate the arrival of Christmas, the desire to present our homes in impeccable condition for our guests grows ever stronger.

Before rushing out to purchase an array of cleaning products for your cleaning endeavours consider taking a peek in your pantry. Remarkable cleaning solutions can be concocted at home using simple ingredients, with bicarb soda taking centre stage.

Here are seven of the most effective recipes we’ve come across. Which one will you experiment with?

Laundry Revitaliser

Infuse life back into your fabrics and enhance the vibrancy of your laundry by incorporating half a cup of bicarb soda into your washing cycle. Not only will this restore the colours of your clothes, but it will also render them irresistibly soft.

Drain Refresher

Troublesome clogs and unpleasant odours emanating from drains can be effortlessly remedied. Just introduce a cup of bicarb soda into any drain and allow it to sit for an hour. Follow this by boiling two cups of vinegar, and pouring it down the drain. Run hot water, and voila! Your drain will be free from unpleasant odours.

Oven Enchantment

The heart of the kitchen during the festive season is undoubtedly the oven. Ensure that no harmful chemicals find their way into your culinary creations by cleaning your oven with bicarb soda. Sprinkle a light coat inside, then spray vinegar until it fizzes. Leave the solution for at least four hours and wipe with a damp cloth.

Surface Cleaner

Achieving an effective clean for bathroom tubs, tiles, and sinks is as simple as sprinkling bicarb soda lightly on a clean, damp sponge and scrubbing as usual. Rinse thoroughly and wipe dry. To add a bit more abrasiveness if needed, include coarse salt in the mixture.

Deep-Cleaning Cleanser

This versatile cleanser works wonders on any bathroom surface, cutting through soap scum and mildew at a fraction of the cost of commercial products. Combine 1/5 cups of bicarb soda, 1/2 cup liquid soap, 1/2 cup water, and 2 tbsp white vinegar in a spray bottle. Apply to surfaces and witness the magic unfold.

Carpet Rejuvenator

Eliminate carpet stains before the arrival of the family by mixing bicarb soda and liquid soap. Dilute with water and add vinegar. Shake well and apply to the stained area, scrubbing with a nylon-backed sponge. Rinse off with water. For larger or darker stains, add 2 tablespoons of borax to the mixture.

Clothing Stain Elixir

Craft a paste by combining bicarb soda and water, then apply it to clothing stains. Let it soak in for a while before washing as usual. This simple concoction proves to be an effective and economical solution for stubborn stains on your garments.

As we approach the holiday season, these DIY cleaning solutions with bicarb soda not only save you money but also ensure a healthier home for festive gatherings. From laundry boosters to oven enchantments, these simple recipes make cleaning a breeze. So, as you get ready to welcome guests into your spotless home, embrace the magic in your pantry for a cheerful and clean holiday celebration.


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