The ‘powerful’ method for transforming grimy shower screens into crystal-clear masterpieces

Mar 06, 2024
Followers were amazed by the method and rushed to the post to share their excitement for the cleaning hack. Source: Getty Images.

In the seemingly never-ending quest for a clean and tidy home, there’s one area of the house that even the most dedicated cleaning enthusiasts dread: a dirty shower screen.

Despite countless cleaning products promising spotless results, achieving a truly clear and sparkling shower screen has remained an elusive dream for many.

But fear not, as a cleaning expert has now stepped forward with an astonishing hack that will leave your shower screens sparkling like never before.

Melbourne mum, Chantel Mila, often shares her genius household hacks on social media and has now come to the rescue of those battling with stubborn stains and cloudy glass shower screens.

“Make your windows + glass look new again,” she wrote alongside the video.

With just three simple ingredients – 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup vinegar, and 1/4 cup dish soap – she has created a game-changing solution for tackling tough stains.

Putting her creation to the test, the mum demonstrated its effectiveness on her very own shower screen. After spraying the mixture multiple times, she effortlessly wiped it down with a paper towel and rinsed it with water.

The results were astonishing with the once grimy shower screen transformed into a sparkling surface.

“The mix is powerful at cleaning the dirtiest glass and leaves it spotless,” she explained.

“Rinse and reveal your streak-free glass.”

@mama_mila_ Make your windows + glass look new again ✨???? #windowcleaning #showerscreenclean #bathroomaesthetic #bathroomclean ♬ Bops Goin Brazy – Tyga

Followers were amazed by the method and rushed to the post to share their excitement for the cleaning hack.

“Great tip!!!!” one follower wrote.

“It works great.”

“I use this it’s tops,” another commented.

While shower screens are often the bane of cleaning duties, the task of getting Tupperware clean and stain-free also presents its own unique series of challenges.

Even after endless scrubbing, soaking, and washing, the remains of your previous meals leave their mark on the once-pristine surfaces.

However, in news that will no doubt be welcomed by those embarrassed by their unsightly containers, a TikToker user has shared the simple cleaning hack that does away with those built-in stains.

“My friend’s grandma taught me this a long time ago,” TikToker Ariganja said as she demonstrated the process.

Ariganja begins the video by showing viewers her stained Tupperware container, before filling the container with a small amount of hot water and some washing up liquid. She then adds two to three small pieces of ripped paper towel into the mix.

She then firmly reseals the lid onto the Tupperware and commences to shake it vigorously. After shaking it for a brief period, she shows that the Tupperware container has returned to its former glory and is sparkling clean once again.

@ariganja Best hack i was ever taught ???? #grandmasarethebest #fyp #foryoupage #hack #cleaninghack ♬ original sound – ✨ Ariganja ✨

The cleaning hack quickly ignited a frenzy of excitement among users, with people around the world looking forward to the prospect of restoring their stained containers to their original condition.

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