The cheap and easy cleaning trick banishing streaks and fingerprints from surfaces

Jun 29, 2024
Say goodbye to streaks and fingerprints with this DIY cleaning spray! Source: Getty Images.

Many of us struggle to keep our homes free from streaks and fingerprints, so keeping our surfaces spotless can feel like a never-ending task.

However a professional organiser has shared a DIY cleaning spray hack that will keep your surfaces smudge-free and it only requires four, budget-friendly ingredients.

Debbie Sandler, from A Better Life Organised, shared a video to her Instagram page and showed how her cleaning solution repelled fingerprints and smudges from mirrors, taps, counter tops and kitchen areas.

“This is a must try, so don’t sleep on this,” she advised her viewers.

“Stainless steel remains clean for 3-5 days with no fingerprints or smudges.”

To rid your home of streaks and smudges mix together water, isopropyl alcohol (70 per cent), liquid dishwashing detergent and the “magic ingredient” rinse aid.

Pour the cleaning solution into a plastic spray bottle, then spray directly onto surfaces and wipe off with a clean cloth

Sandler isn’t the only one helping the public maintain spotless surfaces, a savvy mum has helped thousands after revealing her trick to getting mirrors looking sparkling clean and streak-free – and you probably won’t even need to visit the supermarket to get the same results!

Taking to TikTok, the woman, who goes by the username mama_mila_, claimed the “secret to streak-free appliances” is possibly already in your bathroom and apparently does a wonderful job of cleaning the front of your oven. So what is this magic product? Shaving cream!

In a video posted to her page, she showed just how well it works. “How to give your mirrors a streak-free shine (and keep them clean for longer),” she said. “Spray one pump of shaving cream on a microfibre cloth and buff. Then continue buffing with a dry microfibre cloth.”

@mama_mila_ The secret to streak-free appliances is in your bathroom 💎 #cleaninghack #kitchenhack #kitchentips #howto #cleantok ♬ Heart Of Glass (Live from the iHeart Festival) – Miley Cyrus

She added, “Shaving cream is amazing at removing streaks, defogging mirrors and preventing fingerprints!”

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