The ‘brilliant’ technique making the art of folding a fitted sheet a breeze

Apr 09, 2024
As these brilliant hacks continue to circulate on social media, it's clear that the days of struggling with fitted sheets are numbered. Source: Getty Images.

In the world of household chores, few tasks strike fear into the hearts of homemakers quite like the folding of fitted sheets.

For years, this seemingly simple act has confounded even the most diligent tidiers, leaving closets cluttered and frustrations high.

But fear not, for professional organiser Anita Birges has stepped into the fray with her fool-proof technique, promising to transform this dreaded chore into a delightfully simple task.

Birges took to her Instagram page to reveal her method for mastering the fitted sheet fold.

“It’s one of the most popular requests I get asked… How does a professional organiser fold a fitted sheet?” she began.

Step by step, Birges unravelled the mystery, transforming a wrinkled mess into a pristine masterpiece:

1. Lay your sheet flat with the elastic side up.

2. Bring the bottom corners up and slide them into your top corners.

3. You will have nice rectangular shape happening here.

4. Fold the long sides inwards to the middle.

5. Fold short sides inwards to the middle and then fold over.

“I fold it this way because I find it the easiest to do for ALL sized sheets. From single to king, it works beautifully,” she added.

The response to Birges’ hack has been overwhelmingly positive, with admirers praising its simplicity and effectiveness.

“So brilliant,” one wrote.

“That’s exactly how I fold my fitted sheets. So easy & quick too

“We have such a tiny linen cupboard, so folding fitted sheets like this is fabulous! Thank you,” commented another.

But Birges is not the only mastermind behind the fitted sheet revolution. In a separate tale of ingenuity, an Aussie grandmother stole the spotlight with her own method on TikTok.

TikTok user amymaree922 shared the video of her mother’s genius hack for perfectly folding the notoriously tricky item.

“Thanks mum for the tip on how to fold the fitted sheet!” Amy wrote.

The video shows a purple fitted sheet spread across a classic Hills Hoist clothesline as the grandmother turns each side in until it’s folded neatly on the line.

Filmed to the comically classical tunes of Kevin McLeod’s Monkeys Spinning Monkeys, the grandmother then cautiously slides it off the clothes line, making an effort to keep the perfectly formed shape.

She then folds the sheet over several times until she is left with an immaculate square.

As these brilliant hacks continue to circulate on social media, it’s clear that the days of struggling with fitted sheets are numbered.


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