Spice lovers rejoice: The ‘amazing’ spice jar trick that’s taking the internet by storm

May 19, 2024
The ingenious hack became an instant hit, with users around the world hailing the spice-saving secret. Source: Getty Images.

Picture this: You’re hard at work in the kitchen preparing your all-time favourite recipe, and you’re about to add that crucial spice only to open the spice jar and discover it’s almost empty.

Fear not as a clever kitchen hack is here to save your culinary journey. Say goodbye to wasted spices and enjoy every last drop of flavour.

Gone are the days when you had to reluctantly discard spice jars with stubborn, solid clumps of seasoning clinging to the bottom. Thanks to a resourceful mother from the United States who shared her ingenious solution on her TikTok channel, The Fara Fix, those frustrations are a thing of the past. In a matter of seconds, she unveiled a simple trick to effortlessly dislodge these pesky clumps from the glass jars.

“I have a spice hack you need to see,” Fara began the video.

“If you’re ever frustrated because your spices get stuck together and won’t come out, I’ve got the fix.

“Go ahead and take your spice jar, turn it upside down, take another spice jar and rub the bottom together.”

This method is so successful because when you spin the jars’ ridges in a circular motion, the vibrations help the spices flow out more quickly.

“This friction will cause everything to come out,” Fara said.

“Easy peasy. Like seriously, who knew?”

@thefarafix Spice jar hack must see! #spicehack #spicehacks #kitchenhacks #kitchenhack #homehacks #spicejars #spicejarorganization #spicesandherbs ♬ Storytelling – Adriel

The ingenious hack became an instant hit, with users around the world hailing the spice-saving secret.

“That is so helpful. didn’t know,” one person wrote.

“That’s amazing.”

“I thought you were going to hit one with the other…what I would have done your way is better lol,” another commented.

“Why was I just getting frustrated about this! Thanks for the tip!”

This spice-saving tip isn’t the only kitchen hack getting people talking after fellow Tik Tok user Landon Romano came to the rescue of condiment lovers across the world with a simple hack that promises to solve the age-old problem of getting every last remaining drop out of a sauce bottle.

“I don’t remember who taught me this,” Romano said in his video uploaded to the social media platform.

“I don’t know, maybe this is the thing that everyone does, or maybe this is just f****** crazy but this blew everyone on my Instagram Story so here you go.

“If you really want to get all this, you do it like this,” he said, as he demonstrated the technique.

In the video, you can see Romano holding the bottle by the bottom with the lid held tight. He then spins his arm rapidly in a circular motion for several seconds.

@landonromanookitchen hack lol♬ original sound – Landon Romano

While the technique looks like it might be a bit rough on the old joints, many users were amazed by the technique and were keen to try it out themselves.

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