Spending Christmas alone? How to ensure the festive day is still a jolly one

There are some great ways to embrace your independence at this time of year and make it not only a celebration but a day to remember. Source: Getty Images.

Everyone celebrates Christmas in their own unique way, whether it’s hosting a large barbecue with family or a relaxed dinner between friends, or maybe just spending some time at home alone to get some much needed relaxation after a big year.

It appears that many could be spending the festive season alone this year after new data from Australian Red Cross revealed that 54 per cent of respondents felt that the rising cost of living and/or their current economic situation may adversely impact their ability to connect or celebrate with loved ones this year.

Whichever way you choose to spend Christmas this year, there’s no need to rely on others to make it a day to treasure.

While some people are sadly forced to spend the festive period alone, many others choose to do it completely voluntarily.

There are any number of reasons for giving a big gathering a miss, and there are some great ways to embrace your independence at this time of year and make it not only a celebration but a day to remember.

Plan a little in advance

While it’s great to be spontaneous and enjoy last-minute plans on the big day, it’s important to remember that a lot of shops and restaurants will be closed.

If you’re close to a city centre, you have more options, but out in the country or away from built-up areas you could find yourself stuck, so stock up on food or make a booking if you’d prefer to eat out.

Enjoy the great outdoors with a walk

It’s a tradition for many families to enjoy either a Christmas or Boxing Day walk – so why not do it solo?

Getting out of the house and soaking up some fresh air can do wonders for your senses, and it’s the perfect time to make the most of quieter public areas.

Get comfy in front of the TV

The free-to-air television providers make sure their Christmas schedules are packed with some of their best entertainment offerings.

After all, this is the one day of the year that you can sit back, eat to your heart’s content and binge-watch your favourite films and TV shows without an ounce of guilt. It’s a holiday after all, so it’s important to relax into it. Watch all the stuff that you, and no one else, likes – twice, if you want!

Volunteer to help those in need

A lot of people may be spending this Christmas alone too, but not by choice, so there are a lot of volunteer and homeless shelter programmes where you can volunteer to lend a hand.

Mixing with people is a great way to ease the loneliness if your day is being spent alone unwillingly, and you’ll know you’re giving someone else the same help at a tough time.

Whether it’s working at a soup kitchen, or simply chatting to people over a Christmas dinner, it’s a perfect way to give something back without any other jobs on your schedule to pull you away.

Make the most of the empty streets

As families gather together, the popular choice is to stay home or at one house for the celebrations, so big city centre streets and town squares where you’re used to fighting for a space are likely quieter and far more peaceful.

Why not take a camera along with you as you stroll around? There’s opportunities to capture some lovely snaps without other people or large crowds getting in the way.

Remember, it’s just another day

There’s no need to heap importance on Christmas Day – it is, after all, just another day.

If you’re not a festive fan, just treat it as a day off, with nothing to plan for and no-one waiting for you. It’s your time off, so enjoy it!

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