Mother’s hilarious baking fail spells out x-rated word on son’s cake

It wasn't the message the mother intended to give her son. Source:

Sending the children off to university can be difficult for all involved, especially if a child chooses to attend a campus in another city.

Like many parents do ahead of the big day, a mother decided to bake a sweet treat for her son’s departure. Although her intentions were good, it appears she hasn’t quite perfected the technique of cake piping just yet.

While she intended for her message to read “good luck at uni”, she unintentionally spelled out a very naughty word. The blue frosting on the cake appears a little too thick, causing the x-rated blunder that is making waves online.

The mother got the first part of the message on the cake without any issues, but when she tried to pipe the at symbol [@], it turned out looking more like the letter C.

This means the seemingly innocent message for her son is now calling him the c-word. It’s certainly enough to make anyone blush.

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baking fail
Oops. A mother has made an embarrassing blunder on her son’s cake. Source:

The photo was uploaded to internet forum Reddit by a friend of the family, but has since been shared widely across the internet.

“A friend made a cake for her son last week,” the image was captioned.

Of course, others on Reddit had a field day making fun of the mother’s unfortunate baking error.

One person joked: “One who’s delight to see the little sh** finally leave after eighteen long years.”

Another said: “Absolute gold – when your head says ‘good luck @ uni’, but your heart says ‘get the f*** out of my house’.”

A third added: “Now this is quality content. Maybe say thanks for the photo when they see you next Tuesday!”

It’s not the first time an x-rated word or image has been misinterpreted in a cake masterpiece. Earlier this year, a bakery from Minnesota in the United States made headlines around the world when a photo of one of its quirky creations was shared on Facebook.

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Nadia Cakes uploaded a photograph of a pink cake known as a geode rock cake to its Facebook page. Like many cakes and sweets these days that are intended to look like realistic objects, this creation was meant to look like a geode rock. With its pink appearance though, many thought the cake actually looked more like female genitals than rocks.

Instead of becoming a PR nightmare, the bakery got in on the joke, posting an array of sassy responses to the thousands of people who joked about the cake’s controversial appearance.

Have you ever made a blunder when baking cakes for your family and friends? What do you think of these cake errors?

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