Over 60s reveal the secret to a ‘healthy and long lasting relationship’

Nov 03, 2023
The insights shared by those experienced in the ways of a successful relationship offer valuable guidance regarding what it takes to build and sustain a healthy and long-lasting relationship. Source: Getty Images.

As people age, their perspectives on life and relationships can change significantly. This is especially true for those over 60, who have accumulated a lifetime of experiences and wisdom.

From weathering the storms of life to finding joy in everyday moments, over 60s have learned the secrets to successful relationships.

In an attempt to gather the valuable insights that over 60s have learned about building and sustaining a successful relationship, and how their experiences can benefit couples of all ages, one Reddit user took to the online forum to ask, “what leads to a healthy and long lasting relationship?”

It wasn’t long before several over 60s were offering up words of wisdom regarding the secret to maintaining a happy and loving relationship.

Nurturing the relationship and a healthy dose of luck was what one over 60 put the success of their relationship down to.

“Many things, including a HUGE amount of luck that you don’t hit the major stressors that can rip even the healthiest relationship apart with enough time or intensity (e.g. death of a child, extended unemployment),” they shared.

“For what you can control, I’d say the number one thing is having a strong enough sense of self but not a fear of trust to allow for a healthy balance of relying on each other without your identity being dependent on them.

“Then also treating the relationship as an entity that has needs and must be nurtured just as much as the people within it do. Also, learning to differentiate between issues that can be fixed versus those that are just fundamental incompatibilities that can be lived with versus those that are fundamental incompatibilities that can’t be lived with.”

Communication is key for all things in life, however, for one commenter it was paramount when it came to a healthy relationship.

“Two psychologically healthy, loyal, committed people with good communication skills. It’s pretty hard to have a healthy relationship with an unhealthy person,” they said.

“Respect. Communication. A sense of humor” were all key ingredients for a successful relationship for one over 60.

Source: Getty Images.

Having their wife by their side was all one user needed to be happy in their relationship, sharing that “nothing else could be more important that that”.

“Can only speak for myself, but what I want more than anything is to go through life with my wife,” they wrote.

“So even though being married means inevitably you won’t always get all the things in life you dreamed of, being mature enough to realise none of them would be worth anything if it meant not having your wife with you, keeps everything in perspective.”

Picking your battles was one element that another user stressed is key to a happy life with your significant other.

“The ability to know what is worth fighting for and what you can compromise on. “I love you to much to fight about this” is a good sentence to use,” they shared.

Telling your spouse that “you love them everyday” was how one over 60 kept the romance alive over the years.

“Don’t sweat the small stuff. Pull together when life hands you challenges; not apart,” they wrote.

“If you both can get through problems, you can get through anything. Tell your mate you love them everyday.”

On a final note, one seasoned romantic stressed “good communication, trust, being able to express yourself without getting personal or attacking” as just a few of the important factors that ensure a successful relationship.

“Not needing to be right all the time and being able to apologize when you’re wrong. Evolving together, rather than apart,” they continued.

“Having adventures together and laughing a lot. Being vulnerable and open. Making intimacy and sexuality a priority. Having similar values and goals. Working as a team. Working at dating eachother everyday.”

The insights shared by those experienced in the ways of a successful relationship offer valuable guidance regarding what it takes to build and sustain a healthy and long-lasting relationship.

From prioritising communication and empathy to finding ways to keep the spark alive, these lessons can help couples of all ages navigate the ups and downs of a partnership.

With such valuable insights, those of any age can work towards creating more fulfilling and rewarding relationships that stand the test of time.



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