Over 60s reminisce about how they found their soulmate

Aug 31, 2023
How did you meet the love of your life? Source: Getty Images.

Sometimes, the most unexpected and serendipitous moments can lead us to the love of our life, and with so many fish in the sea, finding the love of your life is a magical experience.

While the experience of falling in love is unique for each person, the stories of how people met the love of their life are always fascinating.

Taking to the online community Ask Old People on Reddit, over 60s came together to remember how they met their spouses with some of the most adorable love stories.


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The users who took to the online forum to share their stories of love offered a glimpse into the magic of love and the power of human connection.

“He was on vacation and sat next to me on a bus. We were married a little more than a year later. The anniversary of our meeting is in a few weeks,” someone commented.

“It’s been almost 19 years since we met. We’re still married.”

One over 60-year-old’s search for the love of their life had barely started when they met their soulmate in school.

“He was the new kid in auto shop class. I (I was 14) was one of three girls in said class,” one senior’s story began.

“One of the other girls dared me to go over and ask his name. So I walked across the workshop, clicking a socket wrench in my hand (so he would know I was serious about rebuilding the lawnmower engines we were working on), and I said: ‘See that girl over there? She dared me to come up and ask your name.’

“He told me, I beelined back to her, then spent the rest of the class running questions and answers. After three days, I told her that I was going to marry him. She laughed and told me to make sure to invite her to the wedding.

“So, we did, but she couldn’t attend. She was away at college out of state (we lived in Alaska then). We were friends first, then shortly before I turned 16, we made it “official”. And yes, we’re still together. Married for 36 years now.”

Another person revealed they were won over by their partner’s kindness.

“She was behind the counter at a coffee shop. I noticed her because she looked the homeless man in front of me in the eye, asked how he was doing, and bought him a muffin,” the comment read.

One over 60 said he couldn’t help but fall for his friend’s girl which has resulted in a long and happy marriage.

“We went to different high schools. She met a friend of mine (who attended my school) through the Debating Club,” he said.

“He dated her, and introduced the two of us. She promptly forgot about my friend and dated me. That was 40 years ago yesterday.

“We were sixteen, so young we waited 10 years to get married. Still happily together.”

These stories show us that love can come unexpectedly and often from the most unlikely places.

Whether it’s a chance encounter or a set-up by a friend these stories highlight the beauty and unpredictability of love.

By sharing their experiences, these individuals inspire us to believe in the power of love and to never give up on finding our own happily ever after.

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