Prepare to be ‘blown away’ by this simple method for preventing condensation on windows

Jun 12, 2024
Followers were quickly won over by the simple yet effective method, many keen to give it a go themselves and rid their homes of excessive condensation. Source: Getty Images.

With the cold conditions of winter well and truly here, it is inevitable that your home windows will be covered in condensation, which is not something anyone wants, as it can lead to mould growth and water damage.

Fortunately, home hack queen Anita Birges has the solution to your condensation woes with a clever little hack that prevents unwanted moisture from forming in the first place.

Birges took to Instagram to share the effective method that uses nothing more than a “small amount” of dishwashing liquid and a microfibre cloth.

“Absolutely blown away by this winter home hack!!” Birges began.

“It’s for all that condensation build up we get all over our glass windows and doors in winter, which often ends up with pools of water at the bottom of the frames.

“Grab your dishwashing liquid and a dry microfibre cloth, put a small amount on the cloth and rub vigorously all over the glass and frame until dry.

“Come back a day later and you will be astounded by how well this works! It has something to do with the dishwashing liquid creating a barrier which stops condensation!”

Birges’ followers were quickly won over by the simple yet effective method, many keen to give it a go themselves and rid their home of excessive condensation.

“Going to do it right now,” one person wrote.

“Thank you, we were just talking about what we were doing to stop this happening such a damp rid but going to give this a try.”

“Immediately will start this tomorrow morning… ours is so bad.”

“Love this,” commented another.

“The hack I needed for today! Thanks for sharing.”

While Birges has mastered preventing condensation and maintaining pristine windows, a cleaning expert has surfaced with a remarkable hack that promises to leave your glass shower screens sparkling like never before.

Melbourne mum, Chantel Mila Ibbotson, often shares her genius household hacks on social media and has now come to the rescue of those battling with stubborn stains and cloudy glass shower screens.

“Make your windows + glass look new again,” she wrote alongside the video.

With just three simple ingredients – 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup vinegar, and 1/4 cup dish soap – she has created a game-changing solution for tackling tough stains.

Putting her creation to the test, the mum demonstrated its effectiveness on her very own shower screen. After spraying the mixture multiple times, she effortlessly wiped it down with a paper towel and rinsed it with water.

The results were astonishing with the once grimy shower screen transformed into a sparkling surface.

“The mix is powerful at cleaning the dirtiest glass and leaves it spotless,” she explained.

“Rinse and reveal your streak-free glass.”

@mama_mila_ Make your windows + glass look new again ✨???? #windowcleaning #showerscreenclean #bathroomaesthetic #bathroomclean ♬ Bops Goin Brazy – Tyga

With guidance from both Birges and Ibbotson, you can rest assured that the glass surfaces around your home will stay clean and in perfect condition.

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