Mother-in-law’s ‘wildly inappropriate’ wedding day fashion faux pas draws criticism

Jul 10, 2024
What do you think of the mother-in-law's fashion choice? Was she out of line? Source: Getty Images.

It’s a cardinal rule that on a bride’s special day, all eyes should be on her, but for one unlucky bride, her mother-in-law’s white dress stole the limelight, and the fallout from this fashion faux pas had people talking for weeks.

The mother in question defied all traditions on her son’s special day and chose to wear a white floral dress which not only caused a stir among those in attendance but also divided opinion online.

Wedding day faux pas.
Source: Reddit.

Baffled by the woman’s choice of attire, the bride’s sister shared a photo of the dress to the online forum Reddit to gauge whether the outfit was appropriate or not.

The mother-in-law faced swift criticism as people accused her of attempting to divert the spotlight from the bride on her momentous occasion.

“Surely they can’t be serious, absolutely not,” one person wrote.

Another held little back in their assessment, labelling the move “wildly inappropriate”.

“I mean, if the theme is ‘everyone wear a wedding dress’ then she nailed it. If it’s literally any other wedding theme this is absolutely wildly inappropriate,” they said.

One commenter was convinced that the post was surely a joke and nobody would be so misguided as to wear such an outfit to a wedding.

“This must be a joke. Please tell me this wasn’t worn.”

In addition to the negative reaction online, another commenter believed the mother-in-law would be getting further attention in a bad way

“Hell no. Looks like MOG wants attention in a bad way and will receive attention, but not the type she thinks,” they said.

One last commenter was hopeful that the mother-in-law would see the error of her ways.

“This is beyond inappropriate and I suspect she knows this but justifies it because her narcissistic need trumps the bride’s feelings. Gosh, I hope she reads this thread,” they said.

As if this mother-in-law’s actions weren’t bad enough, another infuriated bride took to the same online forum to reveal the family drama her in-laws caused on her wedding day. 

She began by telling readers that she had to have a small ceremony due to the pandemic and was horrified when her in-laws chose to renew their vows on the same day. But it gets worse, as they’d done the same thing at their other son’s wedding a few years earlier.

The woman explained that her husband-to-be approached her, right before the wedding day, to ask how she felt about the in-laws’ plan.

“The night before the wedding, my fiancé asked me if I would be okay if his parents renewed their vows at our wedding,” the woman wrote.

“He said he felt weird about it, but his dad [wanted] to keep it on the DL (down low) and even told my husband not to tell me.”

The woman added that while she was put out and “aggravated” by the idea, she also understood somewhat.

“Initially I’m [put out] by this, but we are getting married at the same place that they got married at 30 years ago, so I kinda get [them] wanting to renew there,” she wrote.

“I’m a little aggravated by this though, because we’ve all been down at our [wedding] destination for about a week, but for some reason they have to do it on the day that we are getting married.”

To make matters even more uncomfortable, the woman revealed that her father, who officiated the young couple’s vows, was then propositioned by her in-laws to do the same for them.

“So they use all of our decorations from the wedding ceremony and drag my father away from celebrating his wedding day with his daughter so they can renew their vows,” the bride continued.

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