Green thumb Lisa Wilkinson shows off gorgeous homegrown pink roses

Lisa Wilkinson has a knack for gardening, showing off her beautiful roses on social media. Source : Instagram/ Lisa Wilkinson

Lisa Wilkinson has shown she has what it takes to keep a garden alive and flourishing in the crazy Aussie weather, sharing a beautiful photo of her homegrown roses in full bloom. 

Taking to social media at the weekend, The Project host and apparent green thumb impressed fellow gardeners with a picture of one of her favourite flowers to mark the start of summer.

The 58-year-old proudly displayed her Pierre De Ronsard, which she has been able to keep alive in the heat and strong winds felt by many throughout Australia over the past weeks.

Pierre de Ronsard, also known as Rosa ‘Eden’, is a pink and white climbing rose. It’s popular with gardeners around the country for its fragrant scent and luscious blooms that flower in abundance every year.

“Proud mama. Straight from the garden. Took me ten years of trial and error, but those babies are now blooming every year… Happy first day of summer!” she wrote on Instagram.

Avid gardeners were quick to praise the television reporter on her impressive garden with many noting how hard it is to keep their plants alive in the volatile Australian climate.

“You should be proud Lisa. Mine are struggling big time with the weather changes,” one person wrote.

“Well done Lisa… Nothing better than a lovely garden. Just bought two of these, just had to have them and created a whole new garden bed… fingers crossed that they flourish,” another explained.

While a third added: “My favourite flower and colour – stunning”.

This isn’t the first time Lisa has taken to social media to share photos of her spectacular garden. Last year she shared another picture of her beautiful roses as they climbed up a fence.

“Well, I am on ‘gardening leave’,” she wrote with the image. This too received a flurry of comments from gardeners who complimented her on her garden.

“Always have time to stop and smell the roses,” one person wrote.

Another said: “Seriously is there anything you’re not good at? Mine don’t look that good. You’re looking really relaxed”.

Prior to this the mother-of-three shared a photo of herself and her dog Maggie sitting in their backyard.

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The luscious garden was lined with low hedges and a featured a water fountain in the centre.

Are you a keen gardener? What do you think of Lisa’s garden?

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