Life hack: How to revive wilting flowers

A vase full of beautiful fresh flowers is one of life’s greatest joys. Whether you’ve cut them from your own home garden, or bought them from a florist or market – or even better, someone else has bought you flowers – they really have a way of making a room and all of the people in it more cheerful. The bright colours, the beautiful, sweet, and fresh scent, and the wonder of nature all contribute to a bouquet of fresh flowers’ positive vibes.

The good feelings tend not to last long though when you get a lovely bunch of flowers inside to place in a vase, only to find that they have wilted on the way home. If fresh flowers make you feel good, there’s a good chance wilted, sad, and droopy ones have the opposite effect!

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Not to worry though, as we’ve found an old remedy that will right those droopy stems in no time at all. Next time you have wilting flowers, give this a try. 

1. Fill a vase with hot water (from the tap, not boiling).

2. Plunge the stems into the hot water, and leave until the water has cooled.

3. Next, trim the stems and place in cold water as you usually would.

4. Enjoy your beautiful, happy, fresh flowers!

What is your favourite type of flower?

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