Starts at 60 Daily Jokes: A woman was looking for her car keys

She also confessed to leaving her keys in the car, and that it had been stolen. Source: iStock.

After a meeting, a woman was coming out of a hotel and was busy looking for her car keys. They were not in her pockets so she ran back upstairs to have a quick search in the meeting room, but they weren’t there either.

Suddenly, she realised she must have left them in the car. Her husband was always getting mad at her for leaving the keys in the ignition. Her theory was, the ignition is the best place not to lose them. His theory was that the car would be stolen. Immediately, the woman rushed to the parking lot to find her car.

But when she got there, she was shocked to find that her husband’s theory was right. The parking lot was empty.

She immediately called the police and gave them her location, number plate and description of the place where she had parked. She also confessed to leaving her keys in the car, and that it had been stolen.

Then she made the most difficult call of all – to her husband.

“Honey,” she stammered, “I left my keys in the car, and it has been stolen.”

There was a period of silence before his voice announced: “You idiot!” he shouted, “I dropped you at the hotel this morning!”

Embarrassed, the woman replied: “Oh… that’s right. Well, can you come and get me?”

The husband responded angrily: “I will, as soon as I manage to convince this policeman that I haven’t stolen your car!”

Starts at 60 Daily Joke: Eve was angry at Adam

One evening, Adam stayed out very late which made Eve quite upset.

When he got home, she yelled at him: “You’re running around with other women.”

“You’re being unreasonable,” Adam responded. “You’re the only woman on Earth.”

The quarrel continued until Adam fell asleep, only to be awakened by someone poking him in the chest. It was Eve.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Adam demanded.

“Counting your ribs!”

Starts at 60 Daily Joke: A man was dragged to the opera by his wife

A man was dragged to the opera by his wife one evening. About half an hour after it began, he felt an elbow nudge him in the side.

“What an outrage,” his wife murmured. “The person in front of us is asleep!”

Her husband replied: “You mean, you woke me up to tell me that?”

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