Starts at 60 Daily Joke: A woman was on a diet

"I was going so well, I even hit my halfway mark for my overall goal," the woman said. Source: Getty.

A woman was on a diet and went to a club each week to report her weight loss. For weeks she was doing well until one day she stood on the scale and showed her first weight gain.

“What happened this week?” asked the club leader.

“I was going so well, I even hit my halfway mark for my overall goal,” the woman said. “I baked a cake for me and my husband to celebrate and only had one small slice with him before going to bed.”

“Well, it couldn’t have just been a small slice of cake!” the club owner said.

“Yes, well, then the next day it was just me and the cake all alone. So I had another slice, and another, and another… And eventually it was all gone,” the woman shamefully said as she looked down.

The club leader crossed her arms angrily and asked: “What did your husband say when he saw you ate the whole cake?!”

“He never found out,” the woman shrugged. “I just baked another cake then ate half of that as well.”

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