Daily Joke: Mick asked his brother to do him a favour

"Hello Mick, your wife's given birth to a boy and a girl." Source: Pixabay.

Mick was going out of town and asked his brother, Paddy, to do him a favour.

“I’m going on a business trip soon and if my wife gives birth while I’m away I want you, dear brother, to name the twins,” said Mick.

“It’d be an honour to do that for you, Mick,” Paddy replied.

A month later Paddy called Mick and said: “Hello Mick, your wife’s given birth to a boy and a girl, they’re beautiful.”

“That’s wonderful, Paddy! So, what did you call them?” Mick asked.

“I called the girl Denise,” said Paddy. “That’s beautiful,” Mick replied. “And what about the boy?”

“I called the boy De-nephew.”

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