3 hilarious jokes about the trials and tribulations of dating

Feb 01, 2020
There's nothing like going on a bad date! Source: Getty.

Daily Joke: Steve had a date with Susie

One hot summer night in 1960, Steve had his first date with Susie.

He went to pick her up and her mum answered the door. She invited him in and asked him what they planned to do on their date.

Steve replied that they’d probably see a movie then get a burger.

Susie’s mum said: “Well, Susie really likes to screw.”

Steve said: “Huh?”

Her mum said: “Yes, she loves it. She could probably screw all night.”

“Okay, thanks!” replied Steve, mentally rearranging his plans for the night.

A few minutes later Susie came downstairs and they left on their date.

About a half hour later Susie came running back in the house, her clothes disheveled, and yelled: “Mum, it’s called the TWIST! The name of the goddamn dance is the TWIST!”

Daily Joke: A lady thought she was stood up

After waiting more than an hour and a half for her date, the young lady decided she’d been stood up. Exasperated, she changed from her dinner dress into pyjamas and slippers, fixed some popcorn and resigned herself to an evening of TV.

No sooner had she flopped down in front of the TV than her doorbell rang. There stood her date.

He took one look at her and said: “I’m two hours late, and you’re still not ready?”

Daily Joke: Two single women meet for coffee

Two single women meet for coffee. They start talking about the men they’re dating.

The first woman says she’s not seeing anyone special.

The second woman says she’s very excited about a guy she’s been dating for a month.

“Last night we went out for dinner, and afterward he said those 4 words I’ve been waiting all my life to hear from a man.”

“Will you marry me?”

“No. ‘Put your money away’.”

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