Daily Joke: The chicken that could speak five languages

Sep 26, 2021
The man was looking for a pet for his lonely mother. Source: Getty Images

A man goes into a pet shop and tells the owner that he needs a pet for his mother. He says his mother lives alone and could really use some company.

“I have just what she needs,” says the pet shop owner. “A chicken that can speak in five languages. She’ll have a lot of fun with that bird.”

The man says he’ll take the chicken and makes arrangement to have the bird delivered to his mother.

A few days pass and the man calls his mum. “Well Mum, how did you like that chicken I sent?”

She says, “Oh son, it was delicious!”

Aghast, the man says, “You ate that bird? Why, it could speak five languages!”

Mum says, “well, it should have said something.”

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