Daily Joke: A police officer stopped a woman for speeding

Mar 17, 2020
The officer asked for the woman's name. Source: Pexels.

A policeman stopped a woman for exceeding the speed limit. He asked the driver her name.

She said: “I’m Mrs. Ladislav Abdulkhashim Zybkcicraznovskaya and I am visiting my daughter in Tallahassee.”

The officer put away his summons book and pen, and said: “Well… Okay, but don’t let me catch you speeding again.”

Daily Joke: An elderly lady went to her doctor

An elderly lady went to see her doctor. After her check-up, the doctor said she was looking perfectly healthy and asked what she does to maintain her health.

“For better digestion, I drink beer. In case of loss of appetite, I drink white wine. In case of low blood pressure, I drink red wine. In case of high blood pressure, I drink scotch. When I have a cold, I drink Schnapps,” she said.

The doctor asked: “When do you drink water?’

“Oh, I’ve never been that sick!”

Daily Joke: A teacher was asking her students math questions

A teacher was asking her students math questions. She asked Little Johnny: “If you had a million dollars and gave away one quarter and another quarter and then another quarter, how much would you have left?”

Little Johnny replied: “A million dollars minus 75 cents.”

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