Daily Joke: Little Johnny had to go to the paediatrician

Jan 31, 2021
Because of an ear infection, Little Johnny, had to go to the paediatrician. Source: Getty.

Little Johnny had an ear infections and had to go to the paediatrician. The doctor directed his comments and questions to Little Johnny in a professional manner.

When he asked Little Johnny, “Is there anything you are allergic to?” Little Johnny nodded and whispered in his ear. Smiling, the paediatrician wrote out a prescription and handed it to Little Johnny’s mother. She tucked it into her purse without looking at it.

As the pharmacist filled the order, he remarked on the unusual food-drug interaction Little Johnny must have. Little Johnny’s mother looked puzzled until he showed her the label on the bottle. As per the doctor’s instructions, it read: “Do not take with broccoli.”

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