Daily Joke: Handyman at home

Jun 16, 2023
The handyman was to take care of all the necessary repairs. Source: Getty Images

A well-off couple decided to hire a full-time handyman to look after the house, all the outbuildings, and the gardens.  They offered low wages, so it took a while to select a candidate and out of despair they eventually hired a man from the neighbouring village.

One weekend they left him in charge while they visited friends in the country. However, when they returned they found the man sitting in their lounge room with water pouring in through the ceiling.

“What the devil’s going on here?” they demanded. “We hired you to make any necessary repairs. Why haven’t you mended the roof?”

“Can’t,” he replied. “It’s raining. It’s too wet.”

“Well, why didn’t you do it when it was dry?” they said in exasperation.

“Couldn’t. It wasn’t leaking then.”

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