Daily Joke: A real polar bear

May 31, 2021
"Am I a real polar bear?" the young cub asked. Source: Getty Images

A young polar bear came into his den and asked his mother, “Mum, am I a real polar bear?”

“Of course you are,” his mother replied.

The next day, the young polar bear came in and asked his father, “Dad, am I a real polar bear?”

“Yes son, you’re a real polar bear.”

A week passed and the young polar bear asked his parents, “Are grandma and grandpa real polar bears?”

“Yes,” his parents replied.

Another week passed and the young polar bear asked, “Are all my relatives real polar bears?”

“Yes they are. All are real polar bears,” his parents said.

Finally it became too much for the young polar bear’s parents.

“Why do you keep asking these questions?” said his mother.

“Because,” said the young polar bear, “I’m bloody freezing!”

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