How your morning coffee could hold the key to remedying smelly Tupperware

Mar 04, 2024
Your favourite morning ritual might just be the solution to a common kitchen woe. Source: Getty Images.

It turns out that your morning coffee could be more than just a wake-up call for your senses—it might just be the secret weapon you need to bid farewell to persistent Tupperware odours.

From reheating sauces to storing leftovers, these convenient containers frequently contend with lingering odours that can be almost impossible to eliminate.

Despite rigorous scrubbing, soaking, and washing, the remnants of your previous meals persistently cling to the once-pristine surfaces, often leaving behind unwelcome smells.

Finding a solution for banishing these unwanted scents has become a common kitchen challenge, sparking a myriad of inventive remedies.

One such trick that has been doing the rounds is using coffee grounds as a simple solution to bid farewell to stubborn Tupperware smells.

In order to effortlessly employ this clever technique, simply place freshly ground coffee into your airtight Tupperware container, seal it securely, and allow it to sit overnight.

Come morning, effortlessly dispose of the coffee grounds and give your container a thorough rinse.

The brilliance behind the success of this clever hack lies in the nitrogen content of coffee, a crucial player in minimising oxidation. Oxidation, the root cause of unpleasant food odors and accelerated spoilage, is effectively countered by this key ingredient.

Mastering the art of preserving Tupperware involves not only conquering the challenge of banishing lingering odours but also navigating the formidable task of keeping those containers impeccably stain-free.

Fortunately, there is a simple trick for that too after a TikToker user recently shared an effortless cleaning hack that does away with those built-in stains, much to the delight of those embarrassed by their unsightly containers.

TikToker Ariganja shared a video on the popular social media platform in which she began by showing viewers her stained Tupperware container, before filling the container with a small amount of hot water and some washing-up liquid. She then adds two to three small pieces of ripped paper towels into the mix.

She then firmly reseals the lid onto the Tupperware and commences to shake it vigorously. After shaking it for a brief period, she shows that the Tupperware container has returned to its former glory and is sparkling clean once again.

@ariganja Best hack i was ever taught ? #grandmasarethebest #fyp #foryoupage #hack #cleaninghack ♬ original sound – ✨ Ariganja ✨

“My friend’s grandma taught me this a long time ago,” she said as she demonstrated the process.

The cleaning hack quickly ignited a frenzy of excitement among users, with people around the world looking forward to the prospect of restoring their stained containers to their original condition.

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