Forget frying! You can cook this crispy microwave bacon in just 30 seconds

Sep 01, 2020
Whip up your breakfast in a jiffy by using this new delicious microwave bacon. Source: Primo

Aussies love bacon – we have it for breakfast with eggs, in a BLT for lunch, on pizzas, in burgers – let’s face it it goes with pretty much all our favourite meals!

But, there’s one problem with this delicious food – the cooking process. If you’re a bacon-lover you’ll know all to well the oil splash back you have to clean up after cooking the meat. You end up standing far away from the pan when it’s cooking to avoid the hot oil splashing onto you and then after you’re done the cleaning process is a real pain.

Thankfully though, there’s a new way to cook and enjoy bacon – and it could be just the thing to brighten up your 2020. Company Primo – which is known as the largest manufacturer of ham, bacon, salami and deli meats in Australia – has answered your wishes and created a quick, easy and no-mess way to enjoy bacon.

In an Australian first, they’ve produced a microwave bacon. That’s right, you can now enjoy your favourite bacon meals without the hassle of cleaning up that annoying oil splatter, or having to scrub the grill afterwards. It takes just 30 seconds to cook and still tastes just as delicious as the pan-fried version.

Just pop it in the microwave and cook for 30 seconds and that’s it! Source: Primo

It sounds too good to be true, but the incredible product is already available across the country and you can very easily get your hands on it.

Instead of battling with spitting oil over the stove as the bacon cooks all you have to do is take it out of the packaging, pop it on a plate, cover with paper towel and microwave for 30 seconds – that’s it! You can hear the bacon sizzling and cooking just like you would if it was frying on a pan.

And most importantly it tastes just as good. The delicious bacon goodness has already been blowing food lovers’ minds as it’s impossible to tell it apart from the version cooked over the stove – now that’s certainly saying something.

The product only just launched in the Land Down Under and is hitting supermarket shelves all over Australia. You can grab it in two handy sizes of either 30 grams and 120g for the real bacon-lovers (probably most of us to be honest).

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Do you love bacon? What's your favourite meal with bacon?

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