Olivia Newton-John faces second cancer battle

Olivia Newton-John has confirmed she is battling cancer again.

Olivia Newton-John has made a devastating announcement for fans this morning, confirming she is facing a second cancer battle.

You might remember back in the ’90s she battled breast cancer.

Well, it turns out that cancer has spread to her sacrum – a bone at the base of her spine.

Her doctors made the discovery while treating her for what she thought was an ongoing issue with sciatica, which forced her to cancel concerts in the US and Canada earlier this month.

Newton-John’s management confirmed the terrible news on her Facebook page this morning.

“The back pain that initially caused her to postpone the first half of her concert tour, has turned out to be breast cancer that has metastasized to the sacrum,” her management stated on her Facebook page.

“In addition to natural wellness therapies, Olivia will complete a short course of photon radiation therapy and is confident she will be back later in the year, better than ever, to celebrate her shows.”

Newton-John confirmed she had consulted with her doctors, natural therapists and the medical team at her Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre in Melbourne.

We wish her all the best in her recovery.

Have you ever had a cancer spread to somewhere else in your body? 

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