How Bazaar: Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise intimate issues revealed

Nicole Kidman has opened up about her relationship with 'Mission: Impossible' star Tom Cruise. Source: Getty

Nicole Kidman has discussed her relationship with ex-husband Tom Cruise outlining the impact of media pressure on their marriage, in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar.

Kidman said that her marriage to Cruise experienced immense strain, as the media honed in on their relationship as Hollywood’s sweethearts of the time, scrutinising every juicy detail available.


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During the filming of Stanley Kubrick’s 1999 movie Eyes Wide Shut, the media’s reporting of Kidman and Cruise’s marriage intensified, possibly due to the strange conceptualisation of the film. Harper’s Bazaar described Eyes Wide Shut as a “cinematic exploration of a couple riven by sexual jealousy and obsession”, detailing that the film seemed to lay out a strange prophecy for Kidman and Cruise’s marriage.

“I was young, I think I offered it [information to the media] up?” Kidman said.

“Maybe I’ve gotten a bit more trepidatious, but I am always trying to be as open as possible”.

The Upside of this, Kidman said, was an openness with which she leapt into her second marriage to Kiwi-born, Aussie-claimed country musician Keith Urban.

But Kidman said in the interview that her relationship with Urban was also put under the microscope: “We’re always working through stuff, but it’s very much love based, so there’s an enormous amount of give and take”.

This isn’t the first time Kidman has publically spoken about her marriage to Urban, having discussed at-home pedicures she and Keith give each other earlier this year, and sharing gorgeous birthday posts on their social media accounts, as well as cute posts introducing their new rescue cat, Louis.

Kidman’s interview with Harper’s Bazaar was part of her press tour for her new miniseries on streaming service Amazon Prime Video’s Nine Perfect Strangers. This show, based on the Liane Moriarty novel of the same name, follows Kidman’s character Masha a Russian woman who runs a boutique health-and-wellness retreat, as she tries to ‘fix’ those who attend.

You can watch the trailer for the series here:

What's your favourite Nicole Kidman movie?

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