Rod Stewart takes inspiration from wife's style in dramatic fur coat

Rod Stewart has followed some style advice from his wife it appears.

Penny Lancaster is known for her daring style, and has been seen in everything from fur to leather in the past.

And it seems she gave her husband Rod Stewart some fashion tips, as he took inspiration from the 46-year-old beauty on his latest outing.

Stewart, 72, embraced his own dramatic look as he was pictured cheering with the crowds at the Scottish Premiership match in Glasgow.

Standing out, he wore a jumper emblazoned with a lion’s head and a familiar-looking black leather coat with a huge fur collar.

Rod Stewart looked very happy on the outing. Source: Getty.

It strongly resembled one his wife Lancaster wore back in 2011 – so, did the music legend take some inspiration from his wife? He could certainly go to worse places for it.

Lancaster is fond of the fur-collared look, and just days ago she stepped out in another coat, this time white and loose.

Sharing a number of photos on Instagram, the star revealed she had enjoyed a service at St Marylebone Parish Church with her husband and father.

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She captioned one photo: “Lovely night out with my two favourite men, my Dad and my husband at St Marylebone Parish Church Christmas Service last week, for Chain of Hope.”

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Another showed her stood tall in bright red stilettos and the hint of a red dress under the warm coat.

The couple renewed their wedding vows earlier this year, 10 years after walking down the aisle the first time.

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The first time they said I do it was in a medieval monastery in Portofino, Italy.

This time around it was under an ancient beech tree in the 45-acre grounds of their Essex home.

Do you like Rod Stewart’s latest look? Have you ever taken style inspiration from your partner?