Surprising revelation about William and Catherine's relationship

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge make such a sweet couple, pictured here at the Coach Core graduation ceremony in London. Photo by Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images.

There’s no doubting the relationship the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Married now for six years they have that certain glow about a couple happily in love. 

The question is now, how long have they really had that relationship?

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As far as we’ve heard before, they met at university, became friends, dated and are now married with two children, and a third on the way. It’s just like a real fairy tale.

However, there’s a new book out that is debunking that story.

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Instead Kate Middleton and Prince William met long before that, according to a royal biographer. In Katie Nicholl’s book Kate: The Future Queen, she reveals the truth according to the friends of the Duchess she spoke to while writing it, reports OK.

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In the book Nicholl’s reveals Catherine actually met his through friends before attending St Andrews. She was reported to have been planning to attend Edinburgh but at the last minute changed her university choice and ended up at St Andrews at the last minute… where Prince William was attending. 

While the news of her changing universities was a shock to some, it might make sense now.

Do you think this sounds like a likely story? If it’s true Catherine sure got her man.