Prince William reveals excellent sense of humour over hair loss

Prince William has revealed that he has a great sense of humour when it comes to the thing that makes many men feel self conscious – hair loss. 

Although he’s only 35-years-old, William’s hair has thinned noticeably quickly in recent years. Unfortunately, being in the public eye, he can’t hide it, and it does attract a lot of comment which can’t be easy.

But it appears he’s come to terms with losing his once-luscious head of sandy hair, as he joked around while visiting a hairdresser this week. 

William was making a royal visit to a rehabilitation centre when he dropped past a local hairdresser to shake hands. However, he assured the no-doubt star struck stylist Taz Kabria that his visit probably wouldn’t be great for business. 

“I don’t have much hair, I can’t give you much business,” the soon-to-be dad of three joked.

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Looking back through older photos, it is clear that for William, the hair loss process has been a rapid one. In this photo from just 2008, he had a noticeably much fuller head of hair.  
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While in more recent pictures, he has the much barer head, following the pattern of his father and grandfather.  
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Regardless, he’s still a very handsome young man!

Do you love seeing that William has such a good sense of humour?