Luxurious linen: Why people are swapping their cotton sheets for bamboo beddings

Feb 12, 2022
Bamboo cotton sheets and products make for the perfect year-round betting option.

Egyptian cotton step aside, bamboo sheets are now dominating the bedroom. We’re going to take a bold stance here and say Manchester Factory’s line of bamboo fibre sheets and pillows are a complete game-changer. 

“Unlike cotton sheets, bamboo sheets are a fantastic option all year round,” says Jess, spokesperson for Manchester Factory, the family-owned business that makes bamboo beddings specifically designed for the Australian seasons. 

According to Jess, bamboo cotton sheets are a lighter fabric that isn’t heavy on the body. It is remarkably comfortable throughout the whole year due to the temperature regulating properties bamboo boasts, making them warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

But that’s not all, bed products made from bamboo fibre offer a wide range of health benefits:

  1. Kind to Sensitive Skin – Bamboo Cotton is naturally antibacterial and odour resistant, making it the perfect alternative to those with sensitive skin. Another added benefit of their fibre, is that bamboo fibre is naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, making it the perfect fabric choice for sensitive skin and allergies. 
  2. Regulates Body Temperature – What makes bamboo products a perfect investment is that they are a great option all year round the bedding. The bamboo fibre itself is not only breathable but is thermo-regulating. This means your sheets will keep you nice and cool and summer and warm in winter. The Sienna Living collection is perfect for a hot Australian night due to this cool, temperature regulating property. 
  3. Soft and Comfortable – This could be one of the most important factors when purchasing bedding. It is comfortable and soft, and as they like to say at Manchester Factory “the Sienna Living collection will make slipping into bed a definite treat, enticing you with its silky and smooth texture.”
  4. Moisture-wicking – Many people complain about being “hot sleepers”.  People often wake up throughout the night sweaty and can’t get back to sleep, however, a benefit of the bamboo cotton sheets is that they will keep you cool and dry as the fabric wicks any moisture away from your body.

Their bamboo fibre products are guaranteed to take care of all your nighttime needs. 

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