The best non-alcoholic drinks to get you silly this festive season

Dec 18, 2021
All of the party fun. Minus the dreaded hangover! We're on a mission to shake up the Aussie drinking culture. Source: Altina Drinks Instagram/ @Altinadrinks

Non-alcoholic drinks come in various guises, but they don’t have to be boring, nor should they compromise on flavour! These days, there’s an abundance of alcohol-free options available. And with the growing evidence around the health benefits of finding alternatives to alcohol-based beverages, our selection of non-alcoholic drinks can be very helpful for those looking to kick start their alcohol-free lifestyle or want to be part of the party without feeling the negative effects of alcohol. 

Here are our top picks for deliciously healthy, non-alcoholic wine alternatives. 

Light Me Up- Sparkling White Wine Alternative 

Looking for a sparkling to replace your alcoholic bubbly? Altina’s Light Me Up is a unique and sophisticated alternative. Refreshing and light, this sip is similar to a dry sparkling wine, without the headache.

The Light Me Up sparkling white wine alternative is inspired by native Australian flavours.  Take your palate on a journey starting off with Australian forest berry and tart apples, followed by the delicate taste of green tea and the nuttiness of native wattleseed, finishing off with a refreshing and balanced acidity that gently lingers.

We recommend serving Light Me Up in a flute glass, dressed up with dehydrated apple garnishes. The Light Me Up sparkling white wine is available for purchase in packs of 2 for $39.95, 6 for $110.00, and 12 for $179.95. 

Light Me Up non-alcoholic white wine captures the essence of natural ingredients, without relying on excess sugar, fruit juices, or artificial colours and flavours.

La Vie En Rose – The Perfect Rose Alternative 

The La Vie En Rose is a delicate and crisp rose style bubbly with notes of hibiscus and rose petals. The palate is balanced with vibrant citrus undertones to deliver a natural acidity and a fine creamy texture. The finish is dry and refreshing with lingering flavours of tart apple and roses. 

We recommend serving La Vie En Rose over ice and garnishing with dehydrated oranges. You can also purchase the La Vie En Rose in bundles of 2 for $39.95, 6 for $109.95, and 12 for $179.95. 

This gorgeous lightly sparkling non-alcoholic rose is perfectly refreshing.

These alcohol-free sparkling drinks not only taste good, but they look beautiful too. They won’t look out of place on a bar cart or a dining table, make for great gifts and are an appealing alternative drinking option at any party or event. Their herbal, botanical ingredients create a more nuanced drink and the lack of predominantly sweet or fruity flavours ensures that they offer a more mature taste, and not ones similar to soft drinks or juice.

Low on the booze, high on life: These two alcohol-free wine alternatives taste even better in our bespoke boozy-less drinks packs! 

Sparkling Spring Pack 

Put some spring into your step with this delightfully fresh and floral bundle pack. This bundle comes complete with a giant ice cube tray, rose and hibiscus garnishes, a recipe card, and of course cans and bottles of the refreshingly sophisticated non-alcoholic sparkling rosé and white wine. Grab your pack today for just $109.95

This delightful Sparkling Spring Pack offers an amazing selection of non-alcoholic sparkling drinks.

Sober Month Starter Pack

Are you just getting started with your mindful drinking journey? Or maybe you’re taking a month off booze? This is the perfect starter pack for you! 

This bundle features two 750ml bottles of the Light Me Up and two 750ml bottles of the La Vie En Rose, an additional three cans of both flavours  (6 cans total), a pack of apple or orange garnishes to dress up your cocktails, and two recipe cards, so you can create a beautiful food pairing for your drinks. Purchase your pack today for only $99 and enjoy a new booze-free lifestyle. 

These non-alcoholic drinks are powered by plants and contain barely any sugar, so you can have peace of mind while sipping away on a sophisticated drink.

Mixed Can Pack

This mixed can pack has been crafted with care and is ideal for sharing with mates. Whether you’re planning a picnic, party or a day at the beach these canned wines are simply chill and pour – no need to mix! Free from alcohol, but not the depth of flavour, enjoy these dinks without moderation. Each case costs $120 and comes with 12 x 250ml cans of Light Me Up and 12 x 250ml cans of La Vie En Rose.

These non-alcoholic canned drinks are guilt-free alternatives that taste great and don’t cause any of the negative side effects.

Cocktail Garnish Packs

Need something to heighten your drinks presentation? For an additional $5 you make your cocktail experience more sophisticated with these gorgeous cocktail garnishes. Suitable for all types of cocktails, each garnish pack comes with 5 slices of either dehydrated apples or oranges. Mix and match your cocktail garnishes to suit your cocktail order, purchase your garnish pack here

These garnishes give your drink that extra elevation to make any drink even more special.
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