Alec Baldwin in recovery following major surgery

Alec Baldwin has revealed he's had a hip replacement. Source: Getty

Alec Baldwin has been entertaining the masses for decades, but it looks like all that hard work has finally caught up with him.

The 59-year-old is currently in hospital recovering after major surgery. His pregnant wife, 34-year-old Hilaria, took to social media to announce her husband needed hip replacement surgery.

The mum-to-be posted a heart-warming photo of herself hugging her husband before the before surgery. “Now we rest because tomorrow morning we are in the hospital bright and early for his hip to be replaced. Think good thoughts for us. We are gonna eat lightly, relax, and take deep breaths #WeGotThis2018.”

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Understandably, fans became concerned and posted their well-wishes for Alec ahead of his surgery. One person wrote: “Really love your family & Alec will be fine. There’s nothing to hip replacements today! Much love”.

Another comment read: “My guy had his hip replaced a few months ago. BEST thing he ever did. Hiking 6 weeks later. Much easier than a knee replacement. Just make sure @iamabfalecbaldwin does his PT and he’ll be up and running in no time,” while a third added: “He will do great! I was up walking with a walker, four hours after surgery. Five weeks I was good as new. Good Luck Alex. You won’t regret it! All the pain is gone!”

Fans anxiously awaited news and it didn’t take long for Hilaria to give them an updated. Again taking to Instagram, she shared a photo of herself holding Alec’s hand.

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“Thank you for your kind wishes,” she wrote. “I know many of you are anxious to hear how he is doing. We have been here since very early…All went well in surgery and I am with him in recovery.”

Alec will no doubt be up and about when the couple’s fourth child arrives later this year. Their first, Carmen Gabriela, arrived in August of 2013, while son Rafael Thomas was born in 2015. Leonardo Ángel Charles came along in 2016. Alec also has daughter Ireland, 22, from his previous marriage to Kim Basinger. 

The 30 Rock star isn’t the only celebrity to undergo hip replacement surgery in recent times. Welsh crooner Tom Jones surprised fans late last year when he cancelled his American tour to get his new hip. Thankfully, he was back to good health just weeks later and has since resumed touring and his role as a mentor on the UK version of The Voice

Do you have a message for Alec Baldwin? Have you ever had a joint replacement? How long did it take you to recover?

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