Barry Du Bois cracks jokes during cancer treatment

Barry Du Bois
Barry Du Bois is undergoing treatment for his cancer. Source: Instagram/BarryDuBios

He may be undergoing cancer treatment, but Barry Du Bois is looking on the bright side. The Living Room host shared a photo of himself at hospital on Thursday, poking fun at his painful treatment.

“The most stressful thing about a Stress Test is ripping those electrodes of my hairy chest. The up side is I can confirm I have a heart,” he joked.

Du Bois announced his cancer had returned last year after six years in remission. He made the revelation on an episode of The Living Room, saying it was a “tough gig”.

“It seems that my cancer has come back, reasonably aggressively now I have what is regarded as multiple myeloma,” he said. “We’ve got a cancer in my body that has created several tumours right through my body. Now I see an upside to that, this is just another fight for me that I am quite comfortable I am going to win.”

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Du Bois has shared a number of pictures over the past few months of himself undergoing treatment, saying he hopes that showing a snippet of what he’s going through, he’ll inspire others to live a healthy and balanced life. “The team at St Vincents are amazing but I am bored silly. Being away from the ones you love is the toughest part of this illness. I really hope by sharing my journey I encourage us all to think about our lifestyle choices, healthy diet a little more exercise, mindfulness and self belief. A balanced whole life,” he wrote in December.

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The father-of-two started stem cell recovery treatment in November after undergoing stem cell and bone marrow procedures as part of his aggressive recovery program. He was first diagnosed with plasmacytoma myeloma six years ago, which attacks healthy bone marrow.

Du Bois said the huge tumour at the base of his skull had “basically eaten the top of [his] spine”.

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“I’ve had two cycles of chemo now and all being well, touching wood, at the end of my third cycle what I’m going to do is a stem cell and bone marrow retrieval and prepare for a transplant,” he said in December. “At Christmas time when we are on holidays I am going to be in an isolation ward with the great people at St Vincent’s Hospital under the care of some amazing people and I’m going to have a very strong dose of medicine.

“It’s going to be a tough gig and what’s given me strength … is I know how much support I have from you guys and how much support we get as a show and as a TV family,” he said.

“Everything I have ever done in my life I have backed myself 100 per cent. I am not only going to back myself I am going to go into this with the support of the most amazing people I know and friends and family that love me that I don’t even know. I am going to hopefully not only beat what I’ve got but I am going to inspire some others to win their wars as well.”

Are you a fan of Barry’s? Are you wishing him well?