Anthony Mundine and Danny Green come to blows on 'I'm A Celeb'

Anthony Mundine isn't happy when his rival appears on 'I'm A Celeb'. Source:

He’s been locked in the African jungle for nearly a week but it looks like Anthony Mundine’s stint on reality show I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! Is about to turn turbulent.

Following the shock departure of tennis star Bernard Tomic after just three days, Mundine’s boxing rival Danny Green was flown to South Africa to be part of the show. In scenes to air on Sunday night’s episode, Mundine will come face-to-face with Green. If a clip released on the I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! Facebook page is anything to go by, it looks like there will be plenty of drama with the two athletes living together in the show.

The other celebrities looked positively thrilled when hosts Chris Brown and Julia Morris announced that Green was going to be the new contestant on the show. Mundine, who had openly discussed his rivalry with Green before he knew he was appearing in the show, looked mortified.

Brown asked Green when the last time was that he saw Mundine in person. “Tomorrow will be one year when I was victorious. February 3rd, Adelaide Oval, our last fight.” Sports fans will recall that Green won the boxing match, although Mudine had other ideas.

“He didn’t win but,” he told the show’s hosts, much to the disgust of Green. “Ok, the judges just made me the winner,” Green hit back. “Pretty sure the referee held my hand up. I’m pretty sure that makes me a winner.”

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Mundine questioned why Green wouldn’t fight a third fight to prove once and for all who the ultimate champion was between the pair. “Fight the third fight and I’ll whip you’re a** and we’ll say that,” Mundine suggested.

Green had other ideas, urging his rival to fight him on the reality show. Mundine, unimpressed, said he wouldn’t fight unless there was money involved. “I’m not doing it for free,” he hissed. “I want to get paid for this.”

Green suggested that neither of them need money and that they should both just do it. The pair then started hurling insults at each other, calling each other “pussy cats”.

“You’re running scared,” Mundine told Green. “Let’s make it happen. Why won’t you make it happen? You’re scared, brother.” He then went on to say that he’d “damage” his rival.

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“Mate, the way you’re talking sounds like you’ve been damaged,” Green quipped. The drama is set to unfold throughout tonight’s episode of the hit reality show. Ten has been promoting the episode as the ultimate “rumble in the jungle”.

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