The Chase’s Governess in tearful backstage meltdown after major TV blunder

The Chase's Anne Hegerty became frustrated when she answered the question wrong. Source: ITV

They’re known for looking super cool and composed while answering some of the toughest questions, but even the Chasers on quiz show The Chase make blunders from time to time.

Anne Hegerty aka The Governess was the Chaser to beat on Tuesday evening’s edition of the show in the United Kingdom, but her quick answering skills ended up costing her the game during the episode.

As is often the case with many of the Chasers on both the British and local version of the show, Hegerty answered a question by host Bradley Walsh without letting him complete the sentence. While it usually lets them answer more questions and ultimately win the game, it didn’t work out for Hegerty on this occasion.

“On the road is a memoir by,” Walsh began.

Before he could finish, the 60-year-old answered with “Jack Kerouac”. Walsh stopped the clock, much to the confusion of Hegerty.

“What?” she replied in frustration, as Walsh then asked the full question to the three remaining contestants in the game.

“On the road is a memoir by which Top Gear presenter?” he asked.

Unfortunately for the team, they also answered the question incorrectly. The correct answer was actually Richard Hammond. Still, they did enough to win the game, taking home a prize of £13,300 (AU$23,520, US$17,445).

Meanwhile, Hegerty vented her frustrations in front of the team and host Walsh.

“Well obviously I’m going to have to start going slower and letting you get to the ends of questions,” she hissed. “Yeah, I’m not a happy person right now.”

Viewers at home took delight in Hegerty’s loss, sharing screenshots of her hilarious facial expressions during the episode on Twitter.

One viewer wrote: “The Governess’s face says everything you need to know about today’s final chase.”

Another comment read: “Anne just had a shocker.”

A third added: “Having a bad day. It happens to the best.”

Shortly after the episode went to air, Hegerty admitted that she had an outburst backstage.

“Aaaahhhh yes. I believe tonight’s #TheChase was the one where I kicked the set backstage, then had a crying fit in the canteen, then spent the afternoon getting @TheZorker out of Heathrow immigration. A memorable day,” she wrote.

Speaking to Starts at 60 earlier this year, Hegerty explained that along with the other stars of the show, she doesn’t always know the answers to the tricky questions they’re asked.

“I just try to look like I know everything,” she explained. “There are a great many times that I’m actually panicking inside. Every single time I think ‘this is the time I’ll be found out, they’ll ask me a question that I should know, and I’ve been bunking off and will be made to look an idiot’.”

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