Shy singing star Susan Boyle finally free of bullies who plagued her

Susan Boyle pictured at a rare red carpet appearance in July 2017. Source: Getty

The New York Post reports that harassment of the singer by a group of bullies has stopped, after their treatment of the very private Boyle attracted international headlines.

Boyle had kept quiet about the cruel treatment, that saw a gang of local teens in her hometown of Blackburn throwing stones, bottles and burning paper and shouting abuse at the star, because she didn’t want to cause any further problems, the newspaper reported, adding that Boyle also refused to spend cash on drivers or security, preferring to take the bus with everyone else in town.

She also refused to move out of her home, which she bought and moved back in to after trying to live in a larger house following her rise to fame.

“Why would I move out because of a group of teenagers who behave like that? They are bullies who shout and throw things, but it is my home and where I feel safe,” she said at the time.

News of her ordeal hit the papers in June, supporters rallied around the star, who has Aspergers Syndrome.

Boyle, who has sold more than 7 million albums in the US alone after she found fame on UK talent show Britain’s Got Talent in 2009, has lived in the same house all her life and is well-known in the community for her generosity. Her debut album, I Dreamed a Dream, topped global chats and became the UK’s best-selling album of all time.

Just this week she performed ‘Hallelujah’ and ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ at a church event in support of a cancer charity in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Do you have teenagers behaving badly in your neighbourhood, or are you lucky to have lovely neighbourhood kids?

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