Britain's Got Talent star Susan Boyle attacked in home town

Susan Boyle has been harassed by a group of young boys in her home town.

Susan Boyle, the unlikely star of reality TV singing competition Britain’s Got Talent, has reportedly been harassed and intimidated, and even physically abused by a group of boys in her home town of West Lothian, Scotland.

The attacks, which have included verbal abuse concentrated on her appearance, and having objects thrown at her by a gang of around 15 teenage boys as she waited at a bus stop have gotten so bad that her representatives are concerned for her safety. 

On one occasion, a glass bottle was thrown, narrowly missing Boyle, and another time a boy lit a piece of paper on fire and threw it in her face.  

A witness told The Mirror of an incident where the gang attacked a bus Boyle was on, saying “they were throwing stones, screaming and shouting things.”

The talented singer who starred in the 2009 series of the hit show suffers from Aspergers Syndrome, which makes it even more difficult to cope with the attacks. 

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As a result of the condition and other personal and health issues, the 56-year-old no longer performs, but has been hassled constantly since becoming famous. 

Neighbours have also reported to police that the gang of boys, aged around 16-18, have been intimidating other locals too. 

Does it make you angry to hear of a vulnerable person like Susan Boyle being intimidated like this?