Starts at 60 Daily Joke: A man was approached by a shabby-looking man

"If I give you this money, will you buy beer with it instead of dinner?" Source: Pexels.

A man was walking down the street when he was approached by a particularly dirty and shabby-looking man who asked if he could borrow some money.

The man took out his wallet, pulled out $10 and asked, “If I give you this money, will you buy beer with it instead of dinner?”

“No, I had to stop drinking years ago,” the shabby man replied.

“Will you use it to gamble instead of buying food?” the man asked.

“No, I don’t gamble,” the shabby man said.

“Will you spend this on greens fees at a golf course instead of food?” the man asked.

“Are you crazy?!” replied the shabby man. “I haven’t played golf in 20 years!”

“Will you spend the money on a night with a woman instead of food?” the man asked.

“What would I even get for ten lousy bucks?” exclaimed the shabby man.

“Well,” said the man, “I’m not going to give you the money. Instead, I’m going to take you home for a terrific dinner cooked by my wife.”

Thes habby man was astounded. “Won’t your wife be furious with you for doing that? I know I’m dirty and I probably smell pretty disgusting.”

The man replied, “That’s okay. It’s important for her to see what a man looks like after he has given up beer, gambling, golf, and sex.”

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