Vivienne was fortunate to have seen her first ballet performance before Covid-19, but highlights the importance of supporting the arts once the pandemic is over. Source: Getty Images
Libraries are places where adventure begins according to Vivienne. Source: Getty Images
Mr Peewee. Source: Getty Images
There's something to be said about a bowl of mashed potato, writes Vivienne. Source: Getty Images
Reading about 'the perfect lunch box' recently reminded Vivienne of her school days and the lunches she's had over the years. Source: Getty Images
Vivienne felt sorry the routine with her grandchildren would be over. Source: Stock Image/Getty Images
Vivienne is a strong advocate for punctuation in daily use. Source: Getty Images
Remember when milk was handed out at school? Source: Getty Images
Vivienne's mother would place silver coins in the Christmas pudding. Source: Stock Photo/Getty Images