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Aged care expert Tamar Krebs has explained whether home care is an appropriate option for those with dementia. Source: Getty

About Tamar Krebs

Tamar Krebs has been immersed in the field of dementia for most of her adult life, including two decades in the home care and aged care sectors in Australia and Israel. This hands-on problem-solving experience, backed by degrees from several universities, means Tamar understands the needs of older people, particularly those living with dementia. It led her to founding Group Homes Australia, an innovative model of housing that offers dementia care, high care, respite and palliative care in a local community setting that allows residents to continue to engage in life. Tamar says her objective is summed up by just three words: doing dementia differently. And it works. Alzheimer’s Australia independently judged Group Homes Australia as best in class in every area of dementia care against over 80 competitors, while Ita Buttrose, the national ambassador for Dementia Australia, called Group Homes Australia “one of the best models of dementia care in an assisted environment that I’ve seen”.