The serious nature of paracetamol is often overlooked or even forgotten entirely. Source: Getty
Processed packaged food and the containers used to store this food are very convenient but the evidence is mounting that this convenience is truly killing us. Source: Getty
Rod Marsh, 74, and Shane Warne, two cricketing legends gone before their time. Source: Getty
Inflammation is the root cause of many common health problems. Source: Getty
Microplastics may be ruining your health, without you even realising it. Source: Getty
Dr Ross Walker looks into whether there are really any benefits to taking multivitamins. Source: Getty.
Diabetes in all its forms can lead to devastating vascular effects on a variety of our organs. Source: Getty
This time of year can feel less than festive for some, but it's better to not grin and bear it. Source: Getty
Spreading Speed Curve for COVID-19 (New Strain Called Omicron). Coronavirus. Dramatically Fast Spreading. Source: Getty

About Dr Ross Walker

Dr Ross Walker is one of Australia’s leading preventative health experts and a renowned keynote speaker and life coach around the world. He’s a regular face on Aussie TV screens and radio waves, with his straight-shooting advice and vast knowledge making him one of the country’s most sought-after health commentators. While his area of expertise lies in heart health, Dr Walker is passionate about all areas of health and has built his career helping Australians live happier and healthier lives. After more than 40 years in his field, Dr Walker has seen it all and is here to help you sift through the often confusing and conflicting medical advice handed out to many over-60s these days with helpful advice and tips on how to stay healthier for longer to make the most of your retirement years. When he’s not gracing the airwaves, Dr Walker is running his a medical practice in Lindfield on the upper north shore of Sydney, where he provides services in all aspects of echocardiography. He has also authored seven best-selling books on preventative health and lectures both nationally and internationally on this subject.