Like many over-60s, Robyn is dealing with a plethora of health issues. Source: Getty
Robyn recalls family holidays to the US where she was troubled by what she saw. Source: Getty
Robyn has discovered online dating can be tricky business. Source: Getty
Like many seniors, Robyn has faced difficulties since the pandemic hit out shores. Source: Getty
Trouble sleeping and living  alone has meant Robyn has been spending a lot of time watching television during lockdown. Source: Getty Images
Robyn is using the time in lockdown to refresh her writing interests. Source: Getty Images
Robyn writes about the falls she's had over the years and the injuries she has sustained. Source: Getty Images
New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern addressing the nation on the country's lockdown measures. Source: Getty Images
Anxious about coronavirus? The pandemic is causing significant fear and worry. Source: Getty Images

About Robyn Berry-Luke

Robyn Berry-Luke says shes been around the block a few times over the years. She suffers from a mental health condition and has good and bad months. Robyn’s writing has always helped her overcome the mental health demons, so she spends time every day writing in her journal. Robyn no longer has any family (they have all passed away) so lives alone with the assistance of the Methodist Mission’s caregivers who call in at lunch time and every evening. These ladies keep Robyn sane and topped up with gossip and general life; they are all very different and she enjoy their company immensely.