About Lyn Traill

Lyn is living proof that it is never too late to find your fabulous.

Her work has touched a number people in many ways. She became a teacher in spite of her own unhappy experience of school, determined to prove she could do better than her own educators. She eventually worked for the Queensland government specialising in children who didn’t ‘fit into the system’, such as Indigenous children in remote areas and the kids of travelling carnival workers. The programs she wrote for these children and their parents set a new benchmark in the area. Her educational books were published by Longman, Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press.

Later in life, Lyn’s work in the corporate sector helped many companies to better recruit, train and manage their staff. Currently, Lyn has been a professional coach and public speaker, and she mentors a number of young women in her spare time. She now is focused on a new direction in assisting individuals find their best selves. Her first book for adults, ‘Sizzling at Seventy – Victim to Victorious’ was published in 2012 and now ‘Rainbows through Cobwebs’ has recently been published. She has also recently published a new children’s book, ‘Ants in Pants and Bees in Trees’.

Lyn’s background is rich in corporate and personal experience which allows her to speak and work effectively with those who are looking for inspiration. Alongside a successful career as an educational consultant, author, and training director of a leading vocational college, she has been in demand as a management consultant since 1997, specialising in executive coaching, culture analysis and customised training.

Her warm and perceptive personality allows her to easily engage and encourage her clients. Her passion and humour are infectious, allowing others to feel readily at ease. Whilst she has enjoyed her career in the corporate sector, she is keen to work in assisting others to step into their power. Some of her clients have called her the “hope fairy”. She is doing this with her speaking engagements, workshops and one on one coaching.

Lyn’s mission is to help others achieve the same kind of professional and personal success that she has accomplished, whatever stage of life they happen to be in and to find their best selves.

You can find out more at her website.