Jim shares his near-death experience. Source: Getty Images
Getting out and going for a walk has been just one of the ways Jim has managed his mental health during Covid-19 lockdown. Source: Getty Images
For some people, the idea of self-isolation may seem like a dream come true. For others, the idea of being cut off from the outside world, alone, or with only a few close family members, will fill them with dread. Source: Getty Images
Jim volunteered as one of 'Santa's Elves' at Christmas and read the most beautiful letter. Source: Getty Images
Jim is very fond of his father, revealing the strong influence he has had on his life. Source: Jim Morgan
Remembrance Day commemoration ceremony in Canada. Source: Pixabay
Jim works as a parking enforcement officer and encounters a lot of different people every day. Source: Pixabay

About Jim Morgan

Born into a military (RCAF) family, Jim moved around Canada quite a bit, the wanderlust of travel has always given him itchy feet. Unfortunately, the pocketbook doesn’t always match the need! Jim worked paper routes and pumped gas as a child. He was a DJ with Canadian Forces Network in the provinces of Alberta and Quebec; a professional news broadcaster/photo journalist for four years; a forest fire fighter; a lab foreman and assayer in the coal mining industry; and a computer programmer. Jim has been employed with the City of Vancouver for the past 22 years. He is an amateur photographer and writer. He has travelled throughout most of Canada, a number of locations in the United States as well as South Africa and Cuba.