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An article I read explained, we are here because of our many ancestors. Source: Getty Images.
Looking back, my school days were filled with laughter, the gift of true friendship and many adventures. Source: Getty Images.
Our bicycles, fashioned form ‘dumped’ bits and pieces were put together by our cleaver Dad. Source: Getty
'We pleaded, we begged, and threw in a lot of "please please, we will look after them" and after being bombarded with our continual nagging, Mum gave in.' Source: Getty
Those sweet Summer days before the era of television. Source: Getty
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About Deb Callaghan

Deb Callaghan is a Baby Boomer who grew up in Paddington Brisbane, where her childhood memories are the inspiration for her stories. She has been happily married her husband David since1985, raising two sons and now have three grandchildren. They have renovated and built numerous houses around SEQ and now reside just outside the quaint town of Stanthorpe, on a 30acre property. Keeping busy is a must for Deb, sharing her days between working as a casual administrator for a local Real Estate agent, volunteering at Vinnies, and enjoying the antics of her two Jack Russel puppies, two older cats and two ducks. Writing is a particular pastime that Deb enjoys, along with oil painting, and cooking with the seasonal produce from their small vegetable garden.