Live webinar with Bradley Schurman, Demographic Futurist & Author

Feb 14, 2022

In 2022, 28% of the population of Australia is over 55.  Global Demographic Futurist, Bradley Schurman has called the coming wave of longevity, ‘The Super Age”, a megatrend that cannot be ignored.

After years of working with America’s largest aging NFP, the AARP, he has just released his new book “The Super Age: Decoding our demographic identity”. It is an eye-opener to those serving older generations.

We invite you to join us in a live webinar with Bradley Schurman and myself, exploring actionable nuggets and insights into the modern and evolving ageing consumer. As Bradley says “Those who truly understand and embrace The Super Age will be the winners.

This event is designed for marketers, advertisers, product developers and service providers addressing the needs and wants of modern older generations.

What: Some of the key learnings to take away from this exclusive webinar:

  • The Super Age is a new demographic with a new mindset – we explore it

  • How ‘Super-Ageing’ has altered the life course and why retirement as we know it has changed forever

  • The exciting opportunities that open up around ‘Super Agers’

  •  How can organisations tap into the rapidly growing opportunities that arise from the emerging ‘Super Agers’

When: Wednesday, 2 March 2022 at 10am (AEST)

Where: Online live webinar – RSVP now

And all attendees who register for this live webinar will also go into the draw to win a hardback copy of Bradley’s book!

Below is a sneak peek of all the valuable information you can learn from Bradley’s new book “The Super Age: Decoding our demographic identity”.

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